Peach Cobbler is a sativa strain made by crossing Peach Kush X Sour Diesel X Romulan X Monster Sauce. The name says it all when it comes to the flavor of this strain. It’s packed with super sweet and citrusy fruit flavor with hints of mouthwatering peach and herbs. The aroma is basically the same with an undertone of nuttiness. It has delicious cerebral, creative, relaxing, tingly and uplifting effects. This strain may relieve appetite loss, pain, depression, fatigue and nausea.

• Strain specific liquid live resin
• Made from fresh frozen flower
• Preserves all flavor
• Preserves all therapeutic biomolecules
• One ingredient

About this strain

The California-based Skunk Brothers first created Peach Cobbler as a combination of Peace Kush, Sour Diesel, and Romulan that’s crossed with Monster Sauce.

The top reported aromas of the Peach Cobbler cultivar are citrus, stone fruit, nuts, and skunk. It is said to taste of herbs, peaches, and citrus.

Peach Cobbler Juice Disposable Live Resin Straw: 500 mg | Sativa | 80.08% THC (Per Straw).

Strain Effect

  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Happy


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