You probably Know jeeter as the #1 cannabis Brand in the US

At, we are dedicated to providing the cannabis industry with high quality jeeter infused and non infused and also jeeter juice. Our goal is to help our customers have every variety of products at their reach and also provide them with the best quality and ensure that our customers have access to flexible payment methods, information and delivery to their location
Who We Are:
jeeter was founded in 2018 with a deep-rooted passion for cannabis infuseed. Our team is composed of great and commited people, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. We are committed to delivering quality, excellence, etc, in every aspect of what we do. Our core values revolve around providing the best quality of cannabis extract and making it available for our customers, which guide us in providing exceptional products and services to our valued customers.



At the core of jeetersofficials is our Culture .. a culture of love, passion and innovation. We value relationships and the culture of our company can be seen in everything we do from our products, to our brands, to our facilities, to our love for our customers and each other.


At Jeetersofficials we take branding very seriously. Our brands are designed to reflect the past, present & emerging pop culture as well as to meet the demands of the most critical cannabis connoisseur. We place value on the image, touch, feel, quality and emotion that is experienced from our branded products and we continuously strive for superiority.

Operational Expertise

Jeetersofficials has teamed with a select group of the finest cannabis industry operators, partners, consultants and professionals. Together we drive innovation, efficiency and growth in our company and today’s legalized cannabis world.


Today’s cannabis market is highly competitive and every company needs an edge. The strength and stability of the Jeetersofficials companies are built on our brands, our integrated business units and our controlled supply chain. Through our licensed facilities, strategic alliances and operations we are able to produce and deliver consistent, high quality products to our customers.

What We Offer: At, we offer a comprehensive range of jeeter juice products. Our products are designed to satisfy the different preferences of our customers when it comes to nicotine strength, our products are customized whether you prefer a nicotine free vape juice or higher nicotine levels. We understand that each customer has unique needs, which is why we offer customization options. We take pride in customer safety and satisfaction that is why our products undergo rigorous quality control procedure to ensure consistency and purity, ensuring that our products stand out in the market. With jeeter vape juice, you can expect variety, safety, and quality, empowering you to safe and vape with peace of mind