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About Maui Waui

Maui Waui, sometimes called Maui Wowie, is a mostly Sativa hybrid that was considered a top of the line strain when it first appeared in the 1960s. The argument, ‘pot wasn’t as potent back then’ generally refers to a time before Maui Waui was developed.

Maui Waui was one of the first strains with greatly increased THC content. In the 60s, when Maui Waui was bred, the THC content of an average marijuana strain was quite low (almost always under 8%). Maui Waui featured THC content well into the teens and quickly became one of the most desired strains available.



About this product

Maui Wowie Baby Jeeter Infused – Five .5g Joints 2.5g | Sativa | 37.12% THC Indoor Grown Infused with Distillate Oil & Kief

To start, maui wowie (not Maui waui) is a classic Sativa.  Jeeter infused maui wowie flavors have stress-relieving qualities and will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii. Hence this strain originally comes from Hawaii. And since its beginnings in the island’s volcanic soil, Maui Wowie has spread across the world. Indeed, jeeter infused maui wowie Next, its lightweight effects allows your mind to drift away to creative escapes. Meanwhile, Maui Wowie’s motivating, active effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun.

However, this strain will help relieve you from chronic pain, depression, insomnia and stress. Hence, baby jeeter maui wowie is a Sativa-dominant landrace strain.  It originates from the 1970s on the Hawaiian island for which it’s named. The strain is cultivated for more than four decades. Although it carries some Indica genetics, the growth pattern of this Sativa-dominant strain produces tall, lanky plants that provide a pine-infused flavor and inspiring effects. While the strain’s exact genetics are unknown, Maui Wowie plants can grow over 10 feet high outdoors.

Jeeter infused maui wowie for sale

This is the perfect strain for daytime use, or anytime you need an uplifting boost. The aroma is as a tropical fruit and has an uplifting and creative effect when consumed. Furthermore, the strain tastes like fresh hash. The strain offers a high-end euphoria along with pineapple flavors that allow your mind to drift away to creative spaces. Its affects are all you will ever need to get outside and remain active throughout the day which is why it is an excellent day and morning smoke.

The high is quite different, as it will leave your body buzzing and in an excellent mood. Moreover, you will also note an increase in focus and concentration without feeling strange or uncomfortable which is the case with other cannabis strains. That being said, the Maui Wowie is also quite effective against various medical conditions including stress, chronic pain and depression. Keeping this in mind, there is no doubt that the strain will leave you feeling relaxed and energized regardless of how horrible your day may have been already.


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